Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sorry it took few days! We were moving....

BUT! His appointment went amazingly well! A miracle....they said before that Ryder was pretty much guaranteed to have water on the brain, that needed brain surgery/shunt...that he'd have to be seen for a few years by the nuero surgeon...but this special boy, has once again been blessed with a beautiful miracle!

When we went in the Dr looked at his brain scans, and head....and said well, you are done with me...this boy will NEVER have water on the brain! and he acts as if he wont even have CPalsey....if he does it will only be noticed by a trained professional. He said Ryders grade 4 brain bleed was one of the mildest ones he had seen in his career.....he actually referred to Ryder's brain as beautiful....even though a large portion is not functioning.

His Dr is LDS, so I felt comfortable saying I knew it was all the prayers that this miracle happened....the Dr smiled, and I knew he agreed.

Another special thing about this little guy... keep in mind he's only 2 1/2 months corrected....but at church sunday, we discovered he sings!!!!!!!!!!!! During the hymns, and relief society, every song he sang with everyone, he'd stop at the end of each verse with everyone, and sing when supposed to!

I'm sure this little guy was singing recently up in heaven with the angels : ) Its so adorable!!!! I caught it on my phone today, and oh my gosh!!!! adorable!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ryder is doing great.....just keeps chunkin' out! he's been a little fussy from teething....he's just starting! what fun! Next week he goes in for a neuro surgeon appt...We pray his brain is still the same! and no more water on the brain!!! Therapy is going well for Ryder...he's been fussy with his DS and PT though :(

He talks ALL the time....as if his mom was a talkative hairdresser or something! jk...every morning he wakes up and talks and talks and talks! and all day long hes full of smiles! I wonder what the lil' kiddos sayin'.

But as of that, nothing new....thats why I have not updated! no news is good news!!!

He's such a wonderful baby!!! people always mention what a good baby he is, and oh he is!!! a beautiful blessing we have been blessed with....we are SO grateful!!

I'll update after his appointment next friday! but until then, I'm sure I wont update, because we are moving! yay! just a few miles away but it's going to be much better! wish us luck!