Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today is one of those days, I sit back and am so grateful to have a special son with cerebral palsy. Ryder is such a sweet loving kid. He teaches Greg and I so much.
I am filled with much emotion today because of his struggles. We get so caught up in our busy life with Ryder we tend to forget he's a "different" kid. Now that Ryder talks (alot!). He is now realizing his differences from his cousins or buddies.
He asks to run, he really wanted to sit by himself.
Ryder was playing basketball in his playroom, and really wanted to sit to shoot the ball into basket... I had to help Ruby at the same time. Ryder cried to sit, it wasn't an anger thing it was a sad thing....I could see in his eyes he knew... he wanted to sit like the other kids his age....we kind of just stared at each other and emotionally just felt each other.
At that point I knew I could explain his disability... I told him about when he was born really early and got hurt inside his brain....and it hurt his legs, and muscles... Ryder laid in my arms listening, and thinking deeply about it. He told me "Kiwa I want to sit." I knew it wasn't a "help me sit" it was a "I want to sit by myself sit". Yeah, that tore my heart up.
He sees kids playing sports and he wants to do it...he wants to be independent... Greg and I dreaded the day Ryder would notice his cerebral palsy....well today was that day... It breaks our hearts....
moments like today I just grab Ryder and hold him in my arms for a long time and tell him how much I love him, and what a cool kid he is...I could hug him all day.
I told Ryder today that he will sit all by himself someday, and walk by himself. His smile was priceless. I could see in his smile that he is determined, and he will do anything he puts his mind to... like walking : )
Ryder is my Hero. I love him.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend was an interesting one.... started off rocky ended great.
We had been planning to go up to grandpa Jones's cabin for Labor day for a while, but Friday morning Kira woke up with a fever. She was pretty mad because she hadn't had one since high school. She saw the Dr. it was another ear infection. Kira's fever got pretty high, but she was set on getting out of HOT Mesa.
So we were about to pack up the jeep (we got a new car Jeep Liberty) but something was going wrong with the clutch. Thank goodness we were able to catch rides up!
So we went to there....found out we were going to be locked out of cabin for 4 hours while they "bug bombed" the place. The cabin gets nasty Spiders!!! eeeew.
In the meantime Kira's fever went up to 102.3...she was miserable....but happy to be in the beautiful mountains.
It was nice that we were trapped out of the forced everyone to be outside in the pines. Then came a thunderstorm...that was a good thing....thunderstorms at the cabin are beautiful.
Also Ryder went fishing for the first time. He caught 3 fish. Kissed a fish. Yes, kissed a fish. haha. Ryder also got to play all weekend with kids! he loved that!!!
Greg got a nasty migraine, while Kira had her fever....we were so lucky to have people helping with the kiddos!!
I love the cabin...minus the's one of my favorite places to be.
That was our crazy weekend.