Thursday, November 13, 2008

oK DoEs RyDeR EvEr CatCh A BrEak!!!???

This kid i'd tell ya!!!! So this ear infection thing was getting him, HA! No he had to go a step way above the ear infection! And scare mommy and daddy to death!!!

This morning I pulled him outta his crib, he was kinda fussy...which is so odd for this guy in the mornings! usually he's happy and talkin' away! But not today, he was arching his back and fuss'n. I notice 2 red dots on his forehead.... I give him loves and simply think agh, just bug bites....poor kid. Well then not 10 minutes later his head is covered in the red dots! Some were ginormous, with wierd surfaces! I'm like great!??? What did this child catch this time!!!???? eeek! And at this point he's pretty mad. So I throw him into the carseat and took him to the Doctors office. By that time his right side is covered. His calf turned white, and was forming wierd pink blotches inside the white large circle. I'm thinking "Ryder! what the heck! you get everything, and dang you know how to scare the freakin crap outta me!"

The Dr takes him back, and was like "oh, wow, he's def reacting to something here." I'm like" yeah something like that!" Ryder had stopped crying and was entertained by the paper on the Dr bed, he thought it was pretty cool, and hilarious. Ryder was covered in hives, even down under ; ( ! (poor kid!)

These hives were outta control! Apparently, eventhough he's taken amoxcillon before, this time his body hates it!

Now he's doped up on benedryl, and off all other meds! Til the hives are gone. Doctor says they'll prob be there til early next week.

I think Ryder made the hives appear so he didn't have to get his synergis (RSV) shot today.
Well I didn't tell him yet, I rescheduled the shot for Monday! Man, this kiddo! gotta love him! And oh, we do!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, here's Kim's Blog so you can see her lil' bundle of joy! CoNgRaTs KiM & JoN!! She's a cutie!

Keep lil Abby in your prayers still, she can use the faith and prayers.
We know, because we were there just 10 months ago!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another post....

Man oh man! so many babies don't wanna cook in the oven long enough!!

My cousin Kim Jones Merrill had baby Abby today....a 25/ 26 weeker at banner desert. weighing just shy of 2 lbs. So far she's doing great. Def a better start then Ryder! But any NICU nurse or Dr would tell you preemie girls are SO much stronger. She's only on 26% oxygen w/ nasal canula. That's incredible! Kim's water pretty much broke thursday...Abby just wanted out like Ryder. They wanted to beat all their buddies to earth first! haha. So keep lil' Abby and Kim and Jon in your prayers. We've been there in their situation and wow do you need the's a tough road. Kim is getting a blog so when it's all together I'll give you that link. But I've seen pics and Abby's a beautiful lil' girl.

So crazy week for us!! Ryder finally had his mouth DR appt....and what did we find out?? he'll be getting mouth surgery. Probably in December or January. He is most def tongue tied, and he has a genetic gum deformity. He has a thicker upper gum that later in life will be hard for him to keep totally clean with his CP. It'll be easy for him to get gum infections. So while Dr Mancuso's in there snipping his tongue, he'll fix his gums as well. BTW to all the Page family, that deformity comes from the Page side, so watch out with your kids, this genetic thing can cause bad teeth and gum disease! gross. So just a heads up.

We've been at urgent care today with Ryder because he's sick. He's had a cold since tuesday, thats getting worse...and last night was a LONG night! ugh. We knew something was wrong. And yep, another ear infection for the right ear. They also tested for RSV, but THANK GOODNESS!!! it came back negatory!

Since Ryder's immune system stinks, (he catches anything!!!) and they think he's asperating, he's high risk for RSV and nemonia(sp??) So when in doubt we always check it out!!!!
We poor guy. He has a special test on dec 11, that'll give us more answers with his swallowing issues.

That is us this week. We're hanging in there!

Monday, November 3, 2008

So I changed our Blog and ooops! I deleted all our friend links...and I dont remember all of the blog addresses! so if you are not on there comment, and I'll add you. Sorry!

So Ryder is well. We have a crazy busy week this week w/ appointments and all! On Thursday we find out what the deal is w/ his deformed palette in his mouth. Wish us luck
: ( I have no Idea what they'll decide to do.

Greg got a new scar...He accidentally stabbed himself w/ a razor was pretty bad. But he got it stitched up.... it just is another scar to add to the farm scars.

I'm well. I was supposed to go to the republican palin-mccain rally in prescott tonight....but I decided keeping ry up til 2 am w/ a bunch of crazy republicans wasn't a good mom thing to do. So instead my mom dad, bro's and aunt all went w/ out us. bummer! it would've been so much fun!
I've also been busy w/ getting the lawyer stuff all much paper work!!!! I talked w/ the lawyer himself today which was quite nice. There's so many things that went wrong w/ my dr according to we are trying to get everything together for a case. I found out though that we have 2 years to sue. That the money made will most likely go into a trust fund for Ryder....which he'll have access to when he's 18....or if medical reasons require it before then. That's just the money from our lawsuit, then when Ryder turns 18 he can press his own charges, and get another settlement for his disabilities.
There are other options, which as time goes on we'll see what were going to do. But I'm so happy to know that with his disabilities if we win a lawsuit, he'll have money to take care of himself...esp w/ the economy these days! man, oh man! But it looks like a long road ahead of us w/ a lawsuit...but it will def be worth it for Ryder's future.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Butt-pumpkin....we couldn't bro Rob dressed it up though.

Pumpkin Patch Pictures....

a pumpkin just his size....

we tried to get him to stay in place for a shot but...

totally didn't work.