Friday, January 16, 2009

Ryder's better. Yay! We took him in yesterday for his 1 year old shots...poor baby! he SCREAMED! which was a first for us. I guess the chicken pox shot burns. He's still sad today. I just keep giving him hugs.

The Dr. appointment went well. Ryder is in the 70% for length, 50% for weight, and head is at 85% I think. Eventhough he's caught up with weight...they are thinking about putting a feeding tube in his belly. Ryder has feeding problems. He won't swallow. He has always had problems choking on liquids, or solids due to his swallowing disorder. So his body has created this fear of eating food. We continue to try and teach him, but he will not swallow. We are going to a specialist next month that will see if Ryder needs a g-tube at this time. We will see! But we will keep trying! : )

We got a call from Ryder's ENT dr. They will do surgery on his mouth in the coming month.

Through all this Ryder stays happy and strong still! he's a special boy!

Greg is starting up with U of P this next week. We are so excited! This is a wonderful opportunity for him. He will get free college too! yay. They have great benifits for a family with a child w/ special needs. For that we are so blessed!

Heavenly Father has blessed us so much we are so grateful. We are so grateful to be trusted with a special spirit. Ryder makes us so happy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ryder has Pneumonia, and a bad ear infection. Ugh. He's been sick for a few weeks, but the other night Ryder kept us up all night coughing. So I took him in....cuz with Ryder its, "when in doubt, check it out." Dr Guthries been seeing him lately. Dr Guthrie has 2 special needs children of his own, so he understands how it goes! He's wonderful.

So Ryder has no fever or signs of pneumonia, so he was doubtful..that is until he listened to his lungs. Sure enough, pneumonia! My huge fear! AGH! Since he asperates, he's High risk. I almost cried. I'm grateful for Ryder's special spirit. But anything that is as dangerous as Pneumonia, terrifies me! So now he's on med's and were trying to get him better.

Poor baby though. I really don't think he knows what it's like to not be sick. I hope he gets the strongest immune system from all of this! haha.

Greg and I are well. Greg is starting up working at University of Phoenix at the end of the month. We are very excited for this! yay.

I'm well, just stressed with Ryder's stuff. I just feel so bad for the lil' guy. Ryder and I have hung out at home all week....doing our own therapy, since he can't have any come over. That's the worst part, having no therapy for so long really sets him back with CP. But thats why I pay attention to what the therapist's do while here.

That's us this week.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ok I have no idea why symbols popped up?! Hopefully its not doing it now. I checked on a few computers, and it was ok. So cross my fingers I hope it's ok now!

Grandma & Grandpa Wilstead & Grandkids.

All Of us.

Oh Ryder.

Our Pictures we got Saturday...What an adorable Ryder-boy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy RyDeR! (on 12/30) YaY! YOu DiD It! YoU MaDe It to OnE! It WaS RoUgH sOmEdAys BuT YoU Did It! HoOrAy!!!! We ArE So PrOuD!

Pictures will be posted soon!!!!!! Having issues getting them downloaded! but here's memories of his First year of his wonderful life! what a cute kid!