Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wow we are going to be in so much trouble with Ryder. He is SUCH A TEASE! I just wanted to share a couple of recent silly stories of Ryder and his craziness....

Tuesday his Physical therapist comes to see him at the house. Every morning I tell him the plans for the day and he listens, and at times tells me how he feels about it.
Well Tuesday I said, "Ryder Linda (PT) is coming to play with you."
Ryder responds, " No Debbie." (his Occupational therapist)
I say, "No Ryder, Linda comes today."
He tells me as a matter of factly, " NO DEBBIE."
( I could clearly see he was teasing me.)
A few minutes later Linda walks up to door.
Kira says "Hi Linda, come in Linda."
Ryder quickly says " Hi Debbie, come in Debbie."
Linda of course was confused. I had to explain to her he was messing with us.
During therapy he called her Debbie, and kept looking right at me, thinking this was funny.
Then at the end of therapy Linda goes to leave....
Ryder says, "Good-bye Linda Debbie! have a good day Linda Debbie!"

What a stinker!!!! Later I had a green frog in my hand...
I ask "Ryder what color is this Frog??"
Ryder says, "BLUE!"
I say, "no its green, you know that."
He tells me as a matter of factly, "no mom its BLUE!"
I say, "ryder you are silly, the frog is Green!"
Then he points at a picture of Jesus...
he says "mom Jesus is blue, and the vent is blue."

At that point I lost it, laughing. I realized that I had a a true Jones grandkid on my hand.... A COMPLETE TEASE!!!!

Then today it got even better...
Debbie came to see Ryder.
Debbie held up an activity and said, "ok Ryder lets do the color wheel."
Ryder says, "oh no, beads."
(meaning the big bag of beads that he puts the shoe lace in.)
Debbie tells Ryder, " no ryder we are doing color wheel."
Ryder shakes his head, "no beads."
Debbie gave in to his negotiating .
They did beads then color wheel.

Later they were doing another activity. He is supposed to match these colored bears to the same color bowl. Instead of putting it is his hand she put it on the lid of his sippy cup.
He said " um Debbie, wrong bowl."
(saying that the sippy cup lid was not right, it wasnt the blue bowl!"

Later Debbie asked him to pick up the bears and bowls...
Debbie said, "ryder please pick up the bears."
Ryder says, "Debbie, shhhh! (with finger on lips) oh look Debbie! a vent!"(pointing at an AC vent)
totally changing the subject.
we had to laugh. He was trying to work us! And many times he's so smooth and sweet about it you cant help but give in.
Anyways Greg and I decided we are in trouble with this clever child!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you for comments on previous post...

Ryder is still not feeling well.... now a double ear infection. I am now pretty sick with a cough and cold. Bummer to that, considering we are trying everything possible to keep miss Ruby in longer. coughing does not help that at all... my drs are pretty nervous that I have this virus. My mom, Ryder and my dad all had the stupid pneumonia virus going around... my dad was even in hospital all week with it on oxygen and meds... so I sure as heck hope I got the antibiotics in me soon enough!! Oh and Greg is sick now to. YAY! for cold/ flu season! jk haha.

Valerie answering your question... Nope the kid does not give me nicknames... I guess mama aint cool enough. In a little boys eyes daddys the cool one. Ryder all day long will ask for Greggy, and ask to wrestle with Greggy. So I call up daddy, & daddy has to reassure Ryder that he will be home later to wrestle. They wrestle for forever! It is to much fun.
Now does Ryder talk about Ruby?? yes he def does. I have caught him talking to his tummy saying "hi baby-boobie" haha! yes he says it just like that. Baby Boobie...we need to correct that quickly! He also talk to the 4d ultrasound pictures...and points out that Ruby has 2 eyes, 2 ears...a nose a mouth etc. He is excited for baby Ruby... or as he says it "baby boobie."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Life has still been crazy... full of appointments for myself and Ryder. It's been pretty eventful for myself. I have had some problems since the surgery. My body doesn't really like that it had surgery... causing some issues. I spent one day in Triage, and it was not fun. I was having pain where the surgery was done... and thought nothing of it. Something told me I should get it checked out... so I did. Apparently I was having contractions, and had no clue. The Dr (my reg, non-highrisk OB,Dr Bullero) had the nurses give me a high dose of tributaline (sp??). It stopped the contractions, and pain pretty quickly. They sent me home on trib every 6 hours.... geez it made me sooo shaky, but whatever it takes to keep this kid in!
The following day, my high risk Dr, Dr Blumrick saw me. He said that this can happen, but he knew what to do. I am now on motrin every 6 hours. Motrin relaxes my muscles, and helps the pain. I am still on modified bedrest. My goal is to make it to 28 weeks, then to 32, and so on.

Update on Ryder... he has been pretty dang sick. He has pneumonia... bummer. He is doing well considering. He got his first bike/trike and thinks its pretty cool. He moved to a "big boy" bed...and "big boy bedroom" he asks to "play in big boy room". haha. funny.
Ryder is still coming up with nick names for random things... most recent Greg is no longer daddy or dad... it is "greggy". where he came up with that, I have no idea...we laugh when he says it.

Well that is us! we will update as more happens : )

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This weekend has been eventful... friday all day at the was fun...esp my motorized wheelchair! yay-ya! haha.
Ryder had fun...until the giraffe encounter... we paid 6$ to feed the giraffes and it was cool...for Greg and I, but as for Ryder...I dont think he is very fond of giraffes anymore... The huge giraffe went to eat out of his hand, and wrapped its tongue all the way around ryders hand...Ryder was screaming to death after that.
Early Saturday morning I went to St Joes hospital for a surgery. The surgery was an important procedure to help keep baby cookin safe inside me. So far so good, just in lots of pain as I recover. I am also on meds to prevent contractions...cuz the surgery irritates the cervix, and uterus. But the surgery had to be done in order to keep me from having another very preterm baby.
Thank you for all of the prayers that were said for us. We are grateful for the faith and prayers.