Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So hilarious....

So Ryder always wants to help vacuum, and could'nt...well Uncle Rob found a way....and Ryder LOVED it. haha...I was laughing so did everyone else that saw it. It was classic. Oh and here are the first pics I've posted of him and his cute little braces...he loves them!

95% its a girl....the USound tech was 95% sure...then in the end was like...ahhh, it's a girl. I will believe it 100% when the doctor sees it and agrees. The ultrasound tech pointed out why its a wiener from any angle. So we shall see...and once again all looks great!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Many have asked for ultrasound here ya go....

Appointment today with high risk went great, everything is WONDERFUL so far.....but then again they are not scared of the first trimester at all with me....
This high risk DR was pretty upset with my last dr not doing anything for me....
I will be seeing a Dr each week...and 3d high risk ultrasound every 2 weeks.
In 2 weeks (12 weeks along) if the baby cooperates, they can tell me the sex of baby....because They have the best of the best ultrasound equipment...because they just see high risk patients.
People have asked if I will have a circlage (sp?) NO! they said in my case it is not necessary. Thank goodness!!!!
At 16 weeks I will begin to get hormone shots every keep me from going into preterm labor.
If at any reason I show signs of preterm labor still after getting shots...they may hospitalize me, giving me stop labor.
After 16 weeks I am on bed rest...for the most part...since they have no clue as to why Ryder came early. Also at that time I can not pick up Ryder AT ALL... sad...but I have to do whatever it takes.
That for now is the doctors plans...I will update as time goes on.
I pray that all will be well this pregnancy.