Monday, April 21, 2008

Angry baby!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

So lil' Ryder....the appointment went well. The "bubble" is nothing to worry about...the easiest way to explain it is, the layer that holds your skin to skull is like "glue", and with preemies, the layer is super thin. If you have a preemie that likes to move their head a lot, it can come lose. It will heal itself, but it may take a few months. He just has to spend a lot of time on his tummy! And I was happy to hear that it doesn't hurt him : )

The news that surprised me was, 80% of preemies that have a "grade 4" brain bleed, like Ryder, have to get a shunt in their head before the 9 month mark. The water on the brain develops, and that requires a shunt. The shunt stays in for life. We pray that he won't need that, but we know that a shunt is minor, compared to other issues he could've had. So we shall see!

Today Ryder got to go see his "girlfriend"....his nurse Marianne! he knew her voice. It was so good to see her! shes wonderful. She even fed him for me :) that was nice. She said she's not going to primary another nicu baby for awhile, because she got to attached to Ryder....she loved him so much, I can see how she'd miss him. She's a wonderful person! I'll have to take him to see her more made me happy to see them together of Ryder's first cute!

And to those who commented on Dr Manwaring...I didn't get to meet him, because the wonderful nurse prac. took care of everything so the Dr didnt need to see him. I was so impressed though by how wonderful they were! we have been really blessed with getting such amazing Dr's for Ryder! .....(unlike me, Ryder's lucky to get good Dr's! thanks to my complete IDIOT dr, Ryder was early, and has all these long term issues....I can't stand my Dr that caused this mess!!!!!!!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry, it has been a while! But Ryder has kept me tired, and very busy. He still has his nights and days mixed up...ugh...but now I've adjusted to that schedule with him, so we hang out til like 3 am...then he finally falls asleep.

Tomorrow Ryder is seeing a neurologist. The other day Ryder had this fluid pocket show up on the back of his head, by his lower soft spot...(its the size of a silver dollar, and is mushy with fluid, poor guy) I took him in to his Dr, and Ryder was sent in for an emergency cat scan. He was sooooo good during the cat scan!! Greg and I just had to hold his arms down....he's such a good baby! The cat scan said there's no excess fluid on the brain, so we are seeing a neurologist tomorrow to find out what it is (attn; Shiloh, I think it's the same guy Kadance saw Dr. Manwaring??)....and also to make sure his IVH is ok as well.
Ryder sure knows how to scare us!!!!!!

He's getting huge! 8 lbs 12 oz as of Tuesday night...crazy how fast they grow...esp from 2 lbs! wow!

I will update his condition after we get results...I hope he's ok.