Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yesterday Ryder got his first immunization. With the preemies they usually "desat" a little bit for the next day. Ryder desats a little while eating, which was expected! He'll be fine after all of the rounds of shots. Tomorrow he'll be done.
Ryder is also "pooped" out because, he didn't go poo for 2 days!!! and we knew he needed to because he was acting like he had a belly ache... screaming and crying and squirming around.... finally they gave him a glycerin chip, and he went........and NO JOKE! he filled 4 diapers! poor baby!!! he was so sleepy after that!! It was so sad to watch him in pain....and that was all right after he got his big shot!
I'm glad he's feeling better now. Today he has Claire with him! his wonderful nurse he's had since day one. We love her so much! It's so nice knowing she's there. It made happy to hear her tell us how well he's doing today. She's been there through so much with us!! It's so nice to have her here during Ryder's last days in the hospital. We really are grateful for her sticking with Ryder since day one.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We spent all day with Ryder...and he drank all his meals again! good lil boy! and he weighs 4lbs 6oz today! which means....he'll go home this week, as long as he keeps it up!! The nurse practitioner said longest he'll be there is 10 days, but thats before he drank all his meals and gained more weight...he's so tough! we love him so much!

Here are pics from the last 3 days.....

Look what I figured out!
why suck on just one? why not both!(he was sucking on both right before these shots, he'd pull his second thumb out right before the pic, silly boy!)
Double thumb sucking again!
I like to play with my lil' fingers!

playing with mommy and daddy.

YEP! I like to smile!! esp for food!
We love his hair!

New clothes, and they fit! wow.

Ryder was so relaxed!(if you look at my wrist you can see my scar from the chemical burn)

...and what do ya know? he loved getting a bath!
Gotta love the preemie stop signs!

First bath!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

GUESS WHAT!??? Our lil' man drank all his meals today!!! he didn't even desat or brady!(go down on 02 intake and heart rate) we asked what it takes for him to go home...they said 2 days of him drinking just fine, and as long as his weight gain is constant. We asked if he might come home this week....and they said yes! maybe! as long as he keeps up the great work! he hit 34 weeks gestation yesterday, weighs 4 lbs 4 oz....what a miracle!!!! so we'll start his discharge stuff now.....we know he may slow back down, which we are prepared for, but we hope he comes home this week, or even next week!!!! keep him in your prayers! they've worked so far!!! I know with out any doubts that Ryder's miraculous steps have all been because of everyone's faith... you can't look at this situation and think there is no God, and miracles...because Heavenly Father carried Ryder through these rough days! there's no other way!!! Every blessing that was given, he did every thing that was promised with his health...and then some! WOW! This is so amazing to see such miracles! We are so wonderfully blessed, and we are so grateful.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ryder is wonderful today!

Lil' Ryder is still doing incredible! He's still working on full bottle feedings...he's getting there. Today every meal that he drank, he drank half the bottle....soon he'll figure out he needs to drink it all again.
I don't even know what else to say because today he did that well! such a relief!!! It's weird going in and not worrying that he'll stop breathing...turn blue...or something happen...I just go in and finally enjoy the peaceful moments a mom's supposed to enjoy with a new little baby. A couple nurses complimented me today on how wonderful it is that Greg and I are so involved... I am there all day, and Greg makes it at night...They say babies that have moms there a lot, usually do better, and go home sooner, and they have a special bond....My mom always asks why I go to the hospital so much, I say because I need to catch every moment possible with my baby, like regular parents get to! And what a blessing I have to be there for so many milestones he hits...or funny things he does.
It's been rough, but it's finally settling down. We are finally seeing his silly personality, and just enjoying being with our son.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today Ryder was a very good boy.....he drank a whole bottle! thanks to his nurse Karlee and her patience! His nurses are such wonderful people! they are his life saving angels! we love them all.
Tonight they tried to feed him again but he didn't tolerate it like he did with Karlee....he was to sleepy! he scared mommy when he dropped his O2 saturation to the 40's! he's usually at a 100...I was sooo freaked out until his nurse ( 2o yrs being a nicu nurse) told me it was totally normal! and not to worry, because it was part of his matter what I hate seeing him turn blue! ugh....but heck I've seen him blue countless times and seen him breathe again......hopefully he knocks that off soon though, because it freaks his mommy out more then anything!

thanks everyone! it's so good to hear all your uplifting comments! they truly help! I love hearing from our friends we haven't seen in a while too! We are so greatly blessed with a wonderful support system! THANK YOU!!

love us.

oh and sorry we don't get back to you all! we are so busy with visits to the hospital and moving!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today Ryder figured out suck swallow breathe...from a bottle! he drank half of his meal....until he was to tired from all the work. Drinking a bottle is one of the hardest things a baby has to we hope he keeps it up! He's doing so well today...we hope he will continue on that path.

Thanks for all you do for our family!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today our lil' man is great...he is in an open bed....and doing wonderful! he had a small desat (not enough oxygen) yesterday, but it was while we were trying to bottle feed him. Since he did that while trying to drink a bottle, we all decided it is better to wait on bottle feeding for a week. The seizure may have been a false alarm, but we'll never know. They watched him closely for 2 days and there were no signs of seizures. So now our lil boy is just growing away!

He's now 4 lbs 1 oz and getting fatter....he actually fit in some preemie clothes we got him! but most of the preemie clothes he still has lots of room to grow!

We hope he'll be home in around a month...but its all up to him! : )

***this pic was of him today, he loves to suck on his hand.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

UPDATE...This afternoon Ryder dropped his heart rate and breathing..during that time he showed signs of a seizure. If he has anymore, it causes brain damage....which he can't have anymore of...since he only has one side really functioning as it is. Please pray for him. He really needs all the faith and prayers he can get.

Love us.

Ryder got moved to the annex....the room that they send them home from! It'll be at least 3 all depends on him! They started trying to feed him from a bottle yesterday...he sucked it...he just needs to learn to swallow. He had his last blood transfusion yesterday...his body wasn't making blood quick enough to replace the blood taken for they gave him some : ) He's going to go into an open bed hopefully today, but it's up to him....if he can hold his own heat. He's getting so close to 4 lbs! yay! He had his eyes tested yesterday....and his eyes are great! they are perfect! so perfect the eye DR said he doesn't need a checkup til the age of 2!!! apparently thats rare for these have their eyes be as good as his! what a blessing! He gets to wear clothes now to! we love dressing him up! and he doesn't mind it. He's doing wonderful! but mommy is still stressed! and worries constantly about his health and future...but I'm somehow holding in here so far : ) thanks for all the prayers! they are working beautifully. God loves us! and our beautiful baby boy : )

****the pics are from yesterday and the day before, the top 2 are him while getting a blood transfusion yesterday : ) the pic w me and ryder were last week in his old room : )

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ryder's off nasal prongs! and doing well. He's still in intermediate. His infection in his eye was ecoli (gross!) but it's being treated now. Ryder's occupational therapist came and saw him today....she said he did well....but worries he may be delayed on his sucking on a bottle.

Ryder is 3 lbs 15 oz....I think! which means soon he'll go to an open crib, and get to finally wear clothes!!! yay! and his broviak...(iv in his neck) can come out this week to! so he's cruisin' along...growing fast!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tonight Ryder was put back on nasal prongs. Ryder kept forgetting to breathe today....either that is from being tired from working so hard, or he's getting sick : ( so please pray for our little one.

They found out also that he has an infection in his left eye...they were going to give him medicine, but it looks like it's getting better on it's own.

Ryder is still in the intermediate room for now, but if he gets sick he can go back to the higher risk unit...hopefully thats not the case!

Thanks for all the prayers!

Ryder is doing great today! and yesterday! he was doing so well they were able to bump him up to intermediate ( a room for babies that are not as serious).

Ryder's arm is looking SO much better! All that is left is a nasty scar that might even go away....for the most part.

He's learned he can push himself around in the crib...they find him often pushed up to the top just chillin'.

He pretty much weighs 3 1/2 lbs...and gaining.

He started physical therapy. He is doing well with it, but his right arm does show a little weakness compared to the left. Right now it's to early to really tell if CP will be an issue on the right side....esp because that's the arm that was severely burnt. So only time will tell.

The next major thing for him is eating...if he does have CP it will take him longer to suck swallow keep him in your prayers that he will figure that one out!!! then he can come home to mommy and daddy sooner!

thanks for everything you all do! we appreciate it SO much!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Today mommy came in to see me, and she was shocked to see me with nothing helping me to breathe! They took the nasal prongs off, and I am breathing just like all of you! no oxygen, nothing! and i'm doing well with it. (HUGE! STEP!) Mommy was so happy!

Today I also was found all the way at the top of my incubator...I want out so bad, that I pushed my little body all the way to the top...and was sucking on my fist! haha!

I also had physical therapy today...which went well....but my right side is weaker then the left....which means I can have CP still....but it can be minor.... only time can tell.

My burn is totally healed! it looks all better!! For now there is a scar...and its pretty bad, but through time that will heal more too.

The things I need to work on learn to suck swallow & breathe with a bottle....and keep my temp up w/out help....and learn how to poop all by myself! <---thats my biggest issue at the moment...sad huh?? I also weigh 3 1/2 lbs! I'm getting closer to 4 lbs! yay! at 4 lbs I can get out of my incubator, and lay in a big boy crib.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ryder is now on 1/8 liter of oxygen!! yay! next step is off completely (we hope!)
What a good boy! He's usually a good boy...but last night his nurse got a big surprise!
Ryder's monitor numbers were all she didn't think he was up to anything sneaky..oh but he was! The little kiddo had pulled the nasal prongs out of his nose and was holding them in his mouth, and was chewing hard on them. I guess it's his way of saying he hates them! haha. I have a feeling he may be a sneaky lil' guy! but we will still love him tons!

He's still doing well, but keep him in your prayers...he still needs them

Oh and he weighs 3 lbs 8 oz today

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm doing wonderful today! weighing in at 3 lbs 5 oz....and gaining! Here are some pics!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm doing good today. I had a few apnea ( I forget to breathe) spells, but they were nothing to worry about, esp cause my oxygen pressure was dropped to 1/2 a it's expected.

My brain ultrasound says that my head's still the same as before...hasn't changed which is great! My head's looking wonderful....I don't have an abnormal shaped preemie head, which makes mommy happy!

My belly still has it's minor issues, but with time hopefully it's ok : )