Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So this morning I wasn't feeling "it"....I was doubting if I should cut the stitches this week. It's been weighing on my mind for a few days. So today when Greg and I went into my OB office, the atmosphere was different then usual. The girls all kinda seemed down. I heard them calling and rescheduling appointments for the rest of patients today. They were rescheduling into next week. So the thought hit me, maybe this is a good thing for me... almost like an answer to prayers?? I just didn't feel right about going through with stitches coming out.
So then when I get back into the room and doctor comes in. She shared with us some very sad personal stuff going on in her life, that requires her to take off the rest of week. She said I am willing to take out stitches, but one week is always better... if I can handle it. I just felt "right" about waiting a week. So we are waiting til next monday.
It was hilarious...she said baby Ruby is TOTALLY ready and wanting to come! She said "man, that daughter of yours really wants to come! She's there, ready to come out....but we are not are not letting her!
She then said "baby must be thinking 'dammit who dead bolted the damn door!' let me out already!"
Greg and I laughed, cuz so true! haha.
My doctor is truly an amazing lady. We are so blessed to have found her. Ruby will have a beautiful life because of this wonderful doctor.
We go in early monday morning and she said she really expects Ruby to come like that day....so we shall see!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Tuesday may be the day! We shall see! So far it's looking that way...at least for the stitches to come out. Ruby is expected to be born very soon after.

I had to put up the pink page to get ready for it....I gave in to pink-girly stuff. Could not help myself.

Anyways we will update this week and let ya know. We are all excited for a baby....Ryder is VERY excited for "baby Ruby". It's all to much fun.

Thanks for all the prayers, and concerns. We are grateful to have such great friends and family!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We may have our little Ruby very soon. This past weekend my body has been trying it's best to get her out. Cervix is pretty much down to the stitches, and soft. Have had many labor signs the past 3 days. Dr feels Ruby will be safe being born now, but of course the longer the better! So our goal is 12 more days (35 weeks). She will then cut cerclage, and expect Ruby to come w/in 24 hours.

Thank goodness for a cerclage...it's been her lifesaver. I am now on 3 meds just for labor issues alone niphepine, and tribunaline (sp?) and my shot every week! to try and stop contractions, and cramping. It was working, but is wearing off quickly. All we are doing is trying to buy time.

People keep asking about a baby shower. I was not going to have one, but many have told me I need one. So since this all has been so unpredictable, we are waiting til after her birth. Another question is what do we need???? I registered at baby r us, and target. Right now the most we need, that I'm not allowed to go out and get (back on STRICT bedrest!) is diapers, and a baby bath, and bath stuff, which is listed on my registry. We kept much of Ryder's stuff, so we have some stuff : )

Ryder is doing great...totally into babies. He loves playing with the dolls at my moms and being the daddy to them. He is always talking about Ruby. He understands what is going on...that there is an actual baby in mommy's tummy...and soon she'll come out to play. Thanks to TLC baby story... he gets the idea.

well thats us right now, we will update soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Blog entry...

Lately Ryder talks to us about Thomas. We do not know who this"Thomas" is. In fact, we don't know anyone that even goes by the name Thomas. He doesn't watch Thomas the train either.

This "Thomas" is not someone he plays with...like an imaginary friend. Usually it happens at night... he just points Thomas out to us.
A few weeks ago was the first time. We brought him into the computer room. He looks up at the ceiling and says... "hey there's Thomas." Then he went onto what he was doing.
Then a few times when we are putting him to bed... he says as he points to usually a corner of the room. "look, there's Thomas."
The craziest was the other night at my parents Rob, my brother was teasing Ryder. He told Ryder he was going to put Ryder to bed in my parent's bed. So Rob took Ryder into their bed, laid him down, then turned off light and walked out.
Ryder didn't care at all, he thought it was funny. Rob then opens the door and Ryder says "Rob! look there's Thomas..over there!" as he points over to my parents closet.
Rob walks out to me and says, "uh who is Thomas???"
I was like, "you're joking, right."
Rob had no clue about what Ryder had been telling us about this "Thomas".
Rob told me what had happened, I admit it was a bit creepy for me.
Then that night I heard Ryder say "Thomas" in his monitor.
Very odd, indeed. I'm not sure what to think about this.
If you ask Ryder about Thomas....he really doesn't care about what you are saying.
All I have to say is...interesting.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lately people have started asking about Ryder's Cerebral Palsy...they are also kind of scared to ask....so On Facebook I wrote this...and wanted to post it on here, So people will know that we are ok with you asking us. We are not ashamed or scared about talking about it. So here's the post from facebook....

People also are curious yet scared to ask if Ruby will have cerebral palsy. When they finally get out the question....They are relieved to hear the answer that likely she will not. It is ... not genetic at all....The only reason Ryder has Cerebral Palsy is because he was born 3 1/2 months early. At that point the tiny baby's brain is at high risk for basically a stroke. (the simple explanation).
From being SO premature, Ryder had very severe "brain bleeds" (stroke) on both right and left side of the brain.Permanently damaging major nerves, and connections to the spine, and such.
Due to to the damage on both sides of his brain. Ryder physically is considered Severe Cerebral Palsy.
People wonder what Ryder can do physically??
Ryder can roll side to side and play with toys. He figured out months ago how to scoot around on his back. He scoots everywhere that way! He is getting quick at it too!
Ryder at this time can not sit on his own. His upper trunk control is very weak, due to the brain damage. He is working on it though!
Ryder can walk if someone holds him up. It takes him a while for his brain to telll his little legs and feet to move....but it's a great start!!!
Ryder has special chairs and equipment to help him be more independent. He has wheelchairs, special feeding and activity chairs, bath chairs....etc. that support his head, and body.
Ryder can feed himself. Soon he will get potty trained : )
The big question many fear to ask is if he will walk on his own. We do not know. That is up to his brain and body. The neurologist said maybe in early adulthood.
The best part is that Ryder IS there mentally. Since his physical disability is so severe, the mental part over compensates. He is a brilliant child... Very intelligent.He is a normal 2 going on 3 kiddo...in some cases even smarter. He speaks in full sentences. He can tell you many things...he can tell us when he needs help with this handicaps...
Like "mom help, Im stuck. Help me please"
He has a hard time getting out of corners, or away from a wall...or thru narrow doorways.
He is seriously a SWEET lil' guy. Constantly telling people thank you for helping him out. He always says I love you. He loves to cuddle with anyone.
We are just so blessed to have this amazing kiddo as our child. We are proud of him, and his great example of overcoming so much.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

31 weeks...2 days along! woo-hoo!! What a miracle! We have been blessed! I LOVE my wonderful team of doctors.

Yesterday had another 4D ultrasound, and OB appointment. All looks great right now. In ultrasound Ruby measures just shy of 4 lbs... all organs are healthy. My health is great as well. Cervical length is still looking good. The Dr believes what will happen is in about 4 weeks when she cuts the stitches out, I most likely will go into labor with in a few days. If for some crazy reason that doesn't happen, she will induce (sp?) me the next week. I never even thought that phrase would come up in my pregnancy! geez.
The Dr also feels comfortable if she comes anytime after next week...since it's a girl (they do better) and her lungs are good from the steroid shots.
It's nice to have a good idea now when she'll be here. We are guessing beginning of August. Yay! We are excited.

Our Amazing Ryder is doing great. He is growing up into a "big boy" as he calls it. He wants to do so many things on his own now....it's bitter sweet, but gotta let him grow up sometime : )

Greg is doing great. Playing in a band again, I have not heard them yet....due to bedrest....but I hear they are pretty dang good. No surprise though...Greg is so talented musically.

Well thats us, will update soon.