Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few months ago while driving in the car, a 'Red Hot Chili Pepper" song came on the radio. The song was 'Snow" aka "hey o listen what I say yo...."etc....well Ryder instantly started singing it...and ALWAYS sings it. He watches many music videos on you tube...and he asks all the time to watch the 'Hey o song". So these are pics of that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.My phone is not working...Sorry to those...especially Ryder's therapists who may have tried calling!or texting Hopefully I will get to store today or tomorrow to fix it! If not you can reach me at home or on Greg's cell... email me at for the numbers.

Long story short... Through all this craziness the past 3 weeks my debit card info was stolen. Some moron tried to spend $300 at a Walmart in Illinois.... what a loser. Anyways, I forgot which bills were auto paid off that card... found out last night ooooops! my cell phone was one of those bills! DANG! So apparently I have to go in to fix it... so in the mean time... I guess its quieter for me with out my cell ringing all day! haha.

Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life as expected, has been very busy after a new little addition to the family. Kira now has to balance between 2 kids that need her constant attention. It gets a bit tricky with Ryder's disabilities. Since Ryder is unable to sit, walk, is sometimes a crazy moment trying to take care of a newborn, and a 34 lb 2 1/2 year old, but we manage.

The craziest was Friday when I went out in what 108?? temps while pushing Ryder in his wheelchair and carrying Ruby in a carseat. People kept giving me crazy looks, and many offered help. I assured them I was ok and "got it down." I must say Greg and I are becoming pros at the wheelchair thing! Greg can grocery shop with a wheelchair and a cart! Crazy I know!

Anyways...Ryder enjoys being a big brother. It took him a bit to get over the trauma of mommy being at hospital when she had Ruby. Ryder does not do well with hospitals... poor kiddo.

About the kids:
Ruby is great....super easy baby. We are very grateful for that!

Ryder is alright. He is getting over Pneumonia. He aspirated while I was in hospital after having Ruby, and that caused the pneumonia. On top of that he got a horrible ear infection. We feel so bad for him when he gets so sick, and of course it is scary.

It was also in a weird way a blessing he got pneumonia. They had to x-ray his lungs to see what was going on with his lungs. In the x-ray they found a spot on his lungs. From this point out they have to watch it every few months to make sure it doesnt do grow. The specialist thinks it is possibly just scaring from past infections. He said in adults, its almost always cancer, but in a child, usually just scaring from infections, and we all know Ryder has had much of that!!! The DR. also said in 30 years of experience, he was only seen a hand full of kids that it was cancerous. That was a relief to hear! We of course still in the back of our minds worry...but in 2 months after a good x-ray we will be even more relieved.

That is how the Page family is doing!

Oh side note... We were planning on going to Idaho in September to bless Ruby, and visit family and friends....but with recent changes at Greg's work...that probably won't happen til later in the year.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ryder is SOOOO happy that he is now a big brother....and a GrEaT one at that!! He always wants to hold her, and will even tell you to"be soft with baby Ruby!" He gets very upset when he has to leave Ruby. It's to cute.

Ruby Amanda Page was born Sunday August 8th, at 1:39 pm, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz, and 19 inches long. She is very healthy, and a great baby....very alert, and loves her daddy!

Where'd her name come from? Well we love the name Ruby, and when we found out it was a stuck. Amanda is after a good friend of Kira's that passed away in highschool. Amanda was an amazing person, and Greg and Kira loved the idea of having their baby girl have Amanda's name.

The Story: As we all know prediction from OB was Ruby would come the week of cerclage removal...and she was right!

Saturday I just felt funny, and debated if I should go into triage or not. Finally I went in. I was dilated to a 5. With my history, they knew anything could happen at this point, so they kept me in. Dr said if no progress by 6 AM Sunday ( it was 11 pm at this time on sat) they'd give me meds to get it all going. Well apparently my body once again wanted to give its issues....long story short they were giving me the meds at 6.
Before the meds even really had time to kick in, the Dr came in...and found that I was further dilated and such, then the nurses thought. (they were all confused, cuz indeed, I am a freak patient, haha). Next thing I knew Dr B broke my water to get this all done with...then came the amazing epideral (sp?) (it was freakin amazing.... felt hardly anything! )
Then it went fast from there.... and believe it or not....I have to say this delivery was quicker and easier then Ryder's! It was great.
Ruby is just as cute as her older brother! She has a bunch of dark hair... perfect shaped head, she even has dimples when she makes certain faces! She has chunky cheeks like Ryder did. We love it!
Ryder will be a great big brother. We are so excited to have this beautiful baby girl to add to our little family. She truly is a beautiful miracle. I can go on and on and on about how grateful we are to have met Dr Bullaro. It was a totally crazy way we met....but it was a meant to be thing. She and DR Blumrick and our wonderful Heavenly Father got us here today... a healthy baby, a healthy mom....Proud dad, and happy as ever Ryder.
Thank you for every prayer, meal, phone call, card....etc. through these past 9 months. We are forever grateful

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Baby Yet! Had to wait til yesterday to have cerclage out. Let me tell ya it was not fun at all! haha. Greg was there and was like WHOA! The highrisk Ob said I was 80% efaced (sp?) and labor could happen today, tomorrow....even a week. It's all a surprise to us all!! So in the meantime, I am up and walking and doing stuff trying to get it going! haha.
It was so cool to see the smile on the DR's face...and he said "This is what makes my job worth it. All the long hours, no sleep...etc. To get someone like you to term in their pregnancy, this is what I love. This is why I went into this line of work."
Greg told him how grateful we are for him and his experience, and all he did for us. Wow what a blessing!
So we will keep you posted as stuff happens with labor and such!

Thanks for all the prayers and concern!