Monday, May 19, 2008

mommy and Ry.

Can you tell he loves bath time!?

How cute is this!?

Preemie's are fun....they get the most random things! In the nicu he had the ecoli in his eye...he has constant "infant congestion," he had the bubble on his head (which has gone away)....and today he has an huge ulcer in the back of his throat. Lovely huh?!

He's been real fussy that last few days, and throwing up after every meal....I thought it was nothing, but it never got better, only worse. After a night of a screaming baby, I decided "when in doubt, check it out." So I took him to Dr. Leavitt.

I must say Dr. Leavitt is AMAZING! In like 10 seconds he figured it out...he said, "here let me show you the problem..." and showed me the back of Ryder's throat, and there was this huge yucky thing...the ulcer. It could've been 3 awful things, one being hand-foot & mouth disease, BUT THANK GOODNESS! it was just a simple ulcer. The "simple" ulcer is really painful for lil' Ry, and irritates his stomach....and burns from the stomach acid he throws up....poor baby!!! Usually with these ulcers, they get screaming 103....but lil' Ry doesn't! yet :-( The Dr. says its prob 4-6 more days of a screaming kiddo, but tylenol should ease the pain!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

This kid is crazy!!! When Linda his P.T. came, he was moving everywhere! She was very surprised that a baby that was only 6 weeks old scoots. Yes Ry scoots....lay him on his tummy where he gets a good grip with his feet and he pushes himself. Crazy huh? and he also tries really hard to push himself up onto his knees....ONLY 6 WEEKS OLD!! (adjusted age) he already has it down to push his upper body up in the position to crawl... she says he'll be an early crawler. This morning he scooted himself up to the very top of his crib...he woke up fussin' for help. My mom says all of us were early crawlers and walkers... so maybe this kid will to!
He talks all the time!! goos, and gaa's, and mmm's... and laughs... He loves me putting the toys to his mouth. Yesterday he grabbed one and pulled it to his mouth. He lays and kicks like he's riding a bike, and moves his arms everywhere! From what I hear all this is really advanced....what a crazy kid!!! Gotta love him!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So I was looking through all my pics on the computer, and decided to upload this video. You can get a small glimpse into what our life was like during the NICU days. My lil' bro Rob filmed Ryder the first day of Ryder's life. It's kind of sad watching it, it almost brought tears to my eyes. He was so small and scared! All of the beeping and dinging...that became a normal sound for us. You can see why I HATE beeping noises!

I remember when Rob and my mom came to the hospital this Sunday afternoon at like 2...Ryder was born at 12:12 am that morning. This video was taken sometime while Rob was there. I remember laying in bed thinking about Ryder meeting his uncle Rob for the first time. I wasn't sure if Ryder would even live, so I thought I was happy that Rob was meeting Ryder "just in case." Well what do ya know, now Rob is taking care of Ryder probably more then he wants! haha.

That day was such shock for me. I'm surprised I remember it!
When I played this video, Ryder was asleep on my lap. When the beeps and dings in the video were going, he opened his eyes and focused in on the noise. I know he def remembers all those noises. It was his life for like 3 1/2 months!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good bye to our beautiful Erika! (read below)

Ryder is doing great! He starts a new physical therapist tomorrow, at home! yay! Thanks to Coree Adams, thanks Coree!
He is very active still. He played with his dev. specialist today. He rolled over for her...and played with toys. He loves to suck on toys now, you have to hold them to his mouth though. He's making noises all the time! He's learning his voice. It's really cute. He smiles ALL the time! and no it's not gas, it's Ryder! he's a happy boy.
He's showing possible early signs of CP...with his left arm and both hands. It's still to early to tell....but that's what therapy's for. The therapy helps it not be so serious in the long we shall see.
We were so sad, because today we said goodbye to our lil' doggy girl, Erika! our bullies gone! We decided that Ryder was our # 1! and that Erika needed so much attention to, so it wasn't fair to her to keep her. So we gave her to an amazing rescue. She will be missed, but someday we'll let Ryder pick out his own doggy!

all full of smiles!!

Ryder right after therapy...he was a happy lil' boy!

mommy and baby....she loves him.

helping mommy with laundry and still full of smiles!

all cute and ready for his cousins baptism..

so cute, don't you love his shoes!?

say what!!??

tired of pics....

so dang cute!

Friday, May 9, 2008

So I promised pics, finally I posted some! they are all from today, and last night! he's growing fast! and doing great!

His Therapists are working with his alertness...they want him to sleep more, but lil' Ry just wants to see the world! He has slept mush better lately! even sleeps in the crib... so mommy gets some sleep, finally! Its so weird one day he just changed, sleeps, doesn't fuss as much, poops, makes noises, smiles A LOT! he focuses on your face, when laying on a blanket...he scoots up the blanket...only cuz his leg muscles are SO strong! he does a lot of stuff thats way to advanced for his adjusted age ( 1 month ) Its pretty crazy...the therapists want him to slow it down...but we'll see he's a pretty determined kiddo!

cute baby boy...

This outfit was Greg's as a baby...I had to try it on Ryder! adorable.

he's a BIG face toucher!

his look is changing!

rollie pollie arms...

so alert!

making noises....talking....yes, already!!!

staring at the light...

loves the camera....

so all his therapists don't like his thumb positioned like this, not good!! so we are working on correcting it! (it shouldn't be tucked.)

so sleepy!

Squirming away!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

ok, I said I'd keep this blog up....but I have not! ooops! Ry's a lot of work...I didn't expect! My sister asked if I'd update this with pics....I'll add pics later....Today we got a call from Ryder's blood work....he' s NOT anemic ANYMORE! yay! goodbye ferensol (iron drops) maybe the poor guy won't be gassy/ fussy anymore! I was so happy to hear that! finally!! Ryder is over ten lbs now! 22 1/2 inches long! and he just hit his due date on the 4th! We met a few babies that were born the same week he was, but full term, they only weigh 13, or 14 lbs....ry's catching up! His DR said on the growth chart he's catching up to, fast. We are so blessed!

Now all we have to deal with is his poor allergies! If I take him out for just a few minutes, he' s sneezing, and later all stuffy....poor guy. But hey, if thats all we have to worry about right now, thats nothing!

The strange bump thing on the back of his head is almost healed....and we are so happy for that!

He' s been going through therapy twice a week, next week starting another day. He has physical, occupational...and a developmental specialist as well.....thats his fav one because they come to our house, in his comfort zone. Lindsay is her name, and she's great with him.

We are still watching closely for hydrocephalus (water on the brain) but so far so good : )

Ryders doing great, and I know it's cuz all of the faith and prayers. Thank you!