Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I am on bedrest... at my moms...been having many high risk issues...been in ER...seen many DR's this week...finally got answers to what is "wrong" with me... basically will always be high risk... keeping a baby in to term or close to it will be difficult, due to incompetent cervix & such ... it is possible to go closer to term with high risk drs by my side....High risk Dr today said it is possible if any problems after 24 weeks, he will "park me in the hospital for a long time"... so obviously if that happens, will need much help....
Dr today was awesome though...has a special needs son...and said he feels for me...and knows how difficult raising a special needs kid is. He said you have a dream as a parent of your kid to someday run down a field playing soccer, run down a court bouncing a ball...ride a dirt bike..etc. But when you are blessed with a special needs kid, your plan or dream changes...but its not to bad... because they do many other great things...like touch many lives by their beautiful personalities and qualities...and much more.
He talked about what a blessing all around a special needs child is, and how grateful he is to have one & wouldnt change it for anything! I couldn't help but smile, and completely agree to all of that.
He told me how happy he was that I was having another kid so close to ryder help him...and be his friend...he to has a daughter close in age to his special needs son...cool! He told me how great it is for his son to have the daughter there, because she helps him in ways no one else can.
I was so happy to talk to this doctor, so cool.
Well that is the update....will keep you all posted.

Friday, March 12, 2010

4D ultrasounds kinda creep me out...but I thought I'd post this picture of baby for people that want to see :-) They are pretty much 100% sure its a girl. The highrisk dr said its a girl....cool cool. Sadly in the back of my mind I am relieved because if for some reason this kiddo comes as early as Ryder did (HOPEFULLY NOT!!!!) preemie girl's do MUCH better....and have a better survival rate. So yay, for a girl.
I have been having lower tummy pressure from time to time, so DR has me on bed-rest. She understands that I need to care for Ryder, so she lets me go to his therapies, and DR appts. Thank you to my great mother....she is always here to help! And my dad, and my 2 younger brothers. Thank you!!!
How cute is this...my 23 year old brother Aaron. Stopped by our house the other night just to say hi to Ryder, and play with him. He knew Greg was gone doing school work...Ryder was wanting to wrestle...so I said Aaron he really wanted to wrestle w greg, but he's gone. So Aaron wrestled with Ryder...it was so stinkin cute. Then he read Ryder a few books...he was there a long time! and Ryder loved it!
It was so nice, because I was down on the couch feeling pretty darn sick. Aaron was a life-saver.
I have to say Robert does stop by to see & play w Ryder to...My brothers are pretty kick butt. Thanks boys.

Friday, March 5, 2010

oh and going along w the pics below... Ryder is obsessed with the ultrasound pics...he wanted to keep them...he holds them and talks to the pictures... "Hi baby, hi. Hi baby hi." hilarious.

todays ultrasound pics....

Had 14 1/2 week appointment today...went well... Everything at this point looks ok. They are worried though that when I am up to long, I get lower pressure. I had lower pressure around this time with Ryders pregnancy. I guess the lower pressure I am feeling can become a problem with the cervix.
The doctors pretty much said take it VERY easy....and NO MORE DOING HAIR! My OB was pretty serious on that one....so sorry people...no more hair stylist Kira.
As long as my cervical length stays longer then a 2.8 I am ok (now its just over a 4, normal)...but they are taking a precautions at this point.
Dr Bullero knows that I have to care for Ryder, so she is letting me do that...but I have to be very careful.
Starting in a week and half, they will be giving me a shot every week to help prevent premature labor. I have heard great things about this shot...so yay.
Ryder had his first MRI the last week of February. The MRI went great....thanks to ST JOES...we love that hospital! They took all precautions with Ryder...intubated (sp?) him, did 2 IV's (knowing one usually fails)....and other stuff. It was such a great experience there at ST JOES....always is. We find out his results in 3 weeks. Oh BTW nothing wrong, that we had to get an MRI, he has needed one since his birth, and blood on the brain....now was the time, so we did it.

Ryders phrase of the day.... while I was changing his diaper...he looked up at me, smiled and said, "mommy, thank you for my diaper." It was so sincere, and sweet.
He is so polite...its hilarious.