Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I changed our background to one that will stay for I erased links, and other crap...i will fix that all soon...sorry!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey please check out our dear friend Bryon's Link.... to the right of this. Bryon is Greg's best a brother since they were really little. Bryon a while a year or so??? was diagnosed with brain cancer.....STUPID CANCER!!! we hate cancer! yuck! anyways please look at his blog and check out his story.

Kira, Greg, & Ryder.

So Ryder Ryder~~~ why do you have to always get sick, poor baby!!??? Ryder has another double ear infection.....BAD, PAINFUL....stupid ear infections!!!! I wish that we could just take away all this stupid sickness, pain away.....but we are hanging in here....We just feel bad for him.

Greg and I are well.... yesterday was my bday.....27 grey hair yet!!! surprisingly huh!? jk. I've wanted a costco card for like EVER!!!!! finally I got one for my bday! and a couple other things....but oh that costco card..... LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Moving this time has been different for attitude about moving in all quick, and making the house look all cute within a few days this is not happening....i could care less. Greg and I are so wiped out from the stress of EVERYTHING that i'm like agh...who cares. So we have a sh-load of boxes packed up high on my back porch. Instead of staring at them and letting it bug me, I walk by and could really care less. bad is that!!??? I'm like agh, i'll get to it when my energy is back, and when I'm up to it. But today's not that day. No worries....i'm not depressed or anything!!! haha....I just am not in the mood to unpack the mess. ...n ot to mention Ryder wants noone but his mommy. After all the pokes and probs at the hospital, Ryder just wants his mom!!! and I can't blaim him...but it's ok I love him....he's such a CUDDLEBUG!!!!

Thats us : ) this week.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Real quick update....Ryder is still in the hospital.....the test results came back negative for RSV...but he does have Para3-influenza. Yuck. The stool tests said he does not have rotavirus...yay! but he def had a stomach bug.

He's ok, but still pretty sick. He has a HORRIBLE cough! that is so bad it causes him the throw up....last night a bad rash appeared that's part of influenza. They changed his formula to a lactose free formula.....which is working great! his GI Doc was planning on doing that before anyways. He's just miserable. They have a Resp. therapist coming it and pounding his chest and back every 4 hours to break up the congestion....cuz CP kids dont have a strong enough cough to do that themselves. His IV popped out when I left this morning. They said that they would leave it for now, and watch his fluid level closely.....hoping he'll eat enough to stay hydrated. He's only eating 2.5 oz every hour and a half....usually he eats 6-7 oz that often...when hes at full feeds we'll go home....i hope! so just please keep him in your prayers.

as for the family and some friends moved us. Apparentely its all in boxes in my new place.....waiting for me : ) so that'll be fun.

thanks for the comments! OH!! & as for my prior post, Ryder is getting top service now! the nurse manager found out what had happened and was SO MAD!!! shes made sure we are all set with everything now....and even brought us a sweet card saying sorry....and ryder gifts. We are def in good hands now. ...and the Doc is doing great now to....once he talked to Ry's GI was better for me.