Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ryder had a Halloween Party at school are his pictures before he headed off. We have 2 costumes for him...At first he wanted to be a monkey...then last minute wanted to change into his cool dragon costume. He wanted to be Elmo....but the store was out of the cool Elmo costumes.

dimples...the chubbier she gets...the smaller they get : (
she is so much fun....

talking to mommy....
Ruby in her almost finished Halloween Outfit...

Such a cool kid.

first day to ride the bus!

Yes, it has been a while! goodness. Sorry! Life has been good here at the Page house. Busy, but good.

Ruby is about 13 lbs now, and a great baby! we are so blessed to have this little sweetie in our family. She is doing wonderful and developing fine. She loves kicking! And laying by Ryder and plays with him. She will smile at her big brother, at times even laugh.

Ryder is being Ryder.....AwEsOmE! He is such a wonderful kid. He is so loving, and sweet. Ryder started preschool last week. He rides the bus. He loves school. Today he got home and said, "mom! school was so fun!" He talks all of the time. He was evaluated by the school district...Bragging moment here for me...he scored 106% in cognitive, and the same in communication, 96% in speech (minor problems understanding things). In physical he scored 50%, that actually was surprising. Good job Ryder.

Everywhere we go this is Ryder.... "oooh look mom, that light is a rectangle!" Or "mom that table is kinda like a cylinder!" He's getting down octagon...he knows that the stop signs are octagons.
He knows his colors, shapes, and recognizes many letters. Almost 3 years ago, we were not sure he'd do anything like this! After his brain problems in the NICU, noone really knew what he would do. Well look at Ryder now! We are SSSSOOOOOOO proud of this kid!
Oh another story...the other day while playing a game with him....he smiled to big and said "mom! I have options!!" I laughed, and thought where did he learn that one?

Kiralee is well. I have had a crazy 3 months of ear 4! I hope to get tubes in my ears...yes like a kid! I am just so sick of getting high fevers and achy ears.

Greg is BUSY~ with work, school, and his band. He got called to be assistant scout leader to the 11 year olds. He is busy busy....he always makes time to hang out with Ryder though. Ryder sure loves his dad!