Saturday, January 30, 2010

So many of my cousins on my side are pregnant...2 of my sisters cousin even due the same day as me, and some of gregs cousins are prego I'm just throwing this out..... I am reserving a girl name... Ruby. (middle name is chosen but waiting to find out if it is a boy/girl, because I have to ask special permission for the name. will explain later : ) Boy name....I am clueless....??? We will think of a good one! eventually.
But if we have a girl it is dont take it. Just saying. haha.

Had another OB appointment....all still looks great! She said, "I am not scared of the first 12 weeks...its the 12 to 24 weeks that scares me with you." She is such a WONDERFUL dr! HUGE difference from my previous DR. This new dr gives me a hug every time I leave.
She is high risk herself, she has Lupus (SP?) so she can relate to me feeling anxious and scared. She is going to see me every 2 weeks, and also she is not going to use a normal ultrasound machine. She is sending me to a special place with a high risk Ultra Sound machine, that I get every 2 weeks as well. She is also checking the length of my cervix with the ultrasound every 2 weeks. She wants to make sure all is done, to prevent a very early delivery. If at anytime I show any signs of High Risk, she is sending me to her own personal high risk dr. She said it is hard to get into him, but she will get me in no matter what. Yeah I pretty much love her! she is incredible! I found out about her by chance....but dude I am so happy I did.

Ryder update... So this kid constantly is coughing... ALWAYS... He was on a breathing treatment each day... "an average dose". But wasn't working...we finally went to see a pulminologist . He did a long exam, many questions. Then in the end he said , "well Ryder has asthma. Not an average case of asthma, but pretty severe asthma." I'm like "oh great!!!!"
So now Ryder has a high dose of steroid 2 x daily, and albuterol as needed. He gets them by an inhaler, SOOOO much better then 30 min for the breathing machine!
His asthma is genetic (thanks to Kira!, sorry kiddo) totally unrelated to being preemie, or cerebral palsy.
So his asthma kicks into full on crazy mode...when he gets sick, around dust or dirt, windy days, pollution.... fun fun!!!! Sorry kid, no dirtbike tracks for you!
That is us these days!
Thank you for all of the comments! we are grateful for all of the prayers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ryder's new phrase... "baby, tummy." meaning...mommy has a baby in her tummy. Yep...I am 9 weeks pregnant this week. Had an ultrasound last far so good. Heart beat is! I got to see the baby move around to... Ryder got to see it to...but didn't understand what it was of course.
People will this pregnancy be for me?? well...we do not know. I plan to change Drs to a high risk team. I am most def high risk...after having a 26 weeker before. My new DR is planning on doing everything possible to help keep this kid in longer then 26 weeks! So far I am basically banned from carrying my sweet Ryder around...and I am told to take it easy. Greg has been so great, as usual....helping with Ryder, cleaning...etc. After this thursday I will find out if I am on official bedrest or not. Whatever it takes.
We are excited...and hope all goes well with this pregnancy!!! can't help but be nervous though!
Oh my due date is aug 31.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ryder's a freakin crack up...Greg and I many times during the day can't help but laugh our butts off at the things Ryder says or does. He is simply hilarious. First the kid makes up nick names for things...on his own...for instance the bottle became "bobbie", his Dad is "dad'n", his binkie is "inkie". (eventhough he totally knows how to say the real word)

He always says thank you...even when he's crying for his "bobbie." Hand him his bobbie and instantly you get a smile with a "hank-u".

Another famous phrase of Ryders " inkie! er' are you?...Inkie!? Inkie!? er' are you!....(then he spots it) he then giggles "Oh inkie!"

Today he said, "mom, please please."

Earlier today he sneezed..and instantly said "bless you." I was crackin up.

He is obsessed with shadows or reflections coming into the house... he looks up...points and yells "mom! mom!" I say, yes Ryder I see...remember it's just a reflection. Then he says "huh?" then I explain like MANY times before what a reflection is and shadows. Then in the end he repeats.."etch-on" (reflection)

Today we are in a parking lot... Ryder yells..."oooh, Bus!"

He loves he says "dad'n estle!"

My parents took him for a ride the other day and my dad said "Im gonna get you!" Ryder quickly responds all tough..."get me!"

On Ryders bday my mom and some utah cousins were in the car with Ryder...we started singing Happy bday to you....Ryder says "TO ME!!! TO ME!!!"

I told Ryder yesterday you are not one any are 2!! he says, "I two?" I say yes ryder you are 2! He says a smarty pants-y way..."I two, I two" holding up five fingers....haha. he'll get the two fingers down soon!

Today I hear Ryder doing his "reading" saying "o-h-a-e-b-..." he's reading the words on a work van passing by...hilarious.

OH! today while driving...Ryder says to greg and I, "I cute, I cute." (as a matter of factly way) I laugh and greg laughs...and say "yes ryder you are cute! very cute!"

What kid likes to go to bed??? Ryder...he will say "GO TO BED! (giggles) then smile and says very happily go to bed." well ok, I guess thats a sign you are sleepy?? and sure enough he goes right to bed! LUCKY US!

Oh we went for a hay ride during Christmas time. Ryder heard everyone saying merry christmas...while Ryder intantly says "ERRY KISTMAS! ERRY Kistmas!" while waving. He now does that ALL OF THE TIME! even though Christmas is over...hilarious.

One thing kids are not supposed to get down speech wise is the letter "R"...well he cdan say it pretty clear when he thinks about it...yay, cuz I didnt say them til like 3rd 4th grade!

All I gotta say is what a kid! Gotta love him! I could hold him and kiss his cheek all day!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday Ryder! (dec 30..I'm late posting!)
His 2nd Birthday was fun...COLD! And not to mention he has a bad cold! but we decided he'd have fun at the park with his cousins...he was TIRED! but had a blast still.
He had 2 birthday on the 12 or 13? then on the 30...We had a ton of fun. Ryder got SOOOO many clothes and toys...then more on Christmas! He got 3 different guitar shirts, and LOVES them!
Christmas was so much fun! we had my sister Carrie her husband Gordy, and their 4 kids stay with us. Christmas morning we had my parents, 2 of my brothers, and Carries fam with us christmas morning. What a blast!