Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last week we had our friends come in from Id and virginia...Jared, bryan and was great! we miss them! we went to Tom Petty, which I must say was amazing! It was good times! this is a pic of us....Bryan is missing though : (

hope you enjoy these pics we got in Idaho...Ry's faces are hilarious!!!! classic!

Now that Ryder is older and healthier we are changing this blog to all of us!! We will def still update Ryder's wonderful life! but ours as well! He is doing great...been sick w/ a cold while teething...its been fun! Greg and I are well too, not much to say as of yet....but I'm sure something will come up soon! we are full of crazy stories!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ryder's Idaho trip...

silly us...

Ryder and his cousin Eli..kissing him.& Auntie Lisa :)

Ry and uncle ben.
Lil' chunk.

Ryder and cousin Jamen...2 oldest Page grand -babies!

Ry wasn't happy that Eli was bullying his other cousin Brody...haha jk.

They love eachother! kisses!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ryder is well. He's just really busy with therapy! We are always working with's fun, but sometimes I feel bad when he gets so tired from constantly being worked with. Ryder is showing a couple signs of cerebral this point the seriousness is unknown...but he is almost 8 months old and not really rolling over yet. He has a few times, but it must've been on accident cause he doenst do it anymore. We are working on that though :) He still is floppy with his neck, we are trying to strengthen his "inner core" his neck is stronger. His feet also are being naughty, they keep stiffening and turning out a we got him converse "chucks" to hold his ankles like a brace would. He also still uses hand braces for his CP thumbs. We are now trying to get him on "long-term" he can qualify for pretty much everything these special needs babies do.

Today occupational therapy came and saw him...she realized his suck is still very weak, for example we still gotta hold the binkie in his mouth, cuz his suck is so weak....he also is still on newborn/3month almost 8 months! ! but thats ok, we are working on that to :) But apparently the weak suck is all part of CP/ nuero baby. As expected.....but with all this we really don't mind :) Also we are pretty sure he'll have some serious speech problems, that a speech therapist might start working with him. He's a beautiful special gift from God, and we love spending all the time we can doing therapy, and playing!

Ryder now laughs out loud...its so cute! He's such a good little boy! we love him so much! We thank Heavenly Father everyday for being blessed with such a special spirit baby. We often wonder what we did to deserve such a special little one in our home.....the spirit he has with him is so strong and sweet...these special needs children are so precious in many ways. My heart goes out to all of them! I love them all! what fighters.