Wednesday, November 25, 2009

this is the "swash" hip/leg brace...
This is an example of the type of ankle and leg braces...he can pick a design.

So we got news about Ryder...first the results of blood work were great...his immune system apparently is kickin' major butt. He since that test has been sick with a cold...and as usual catches a nasty cough with the cold. The cough was getting pretty yucky, so we took him in to the doctor. The doctor gave us an answer...its asthma. He said that he def has asthma. Which explains why he always gets a cough w everything... So we have him on breathing treatments once a day to prevent illness.
Next news is we had a WONDERFUL appointment today with an orthopedic specialist. They gave us great hopes for Ryder. To sum up the long appt...Ryder is getting into leg braces and hip braces..
Ryder's body feels so unstable...when we sit him up (while holding him up) his legs stick straight out, and at time cross over each other ("scissoring")...his brain can only focus on one thing at a time, so all those issues work against each other. SO Barb, the orthotic specialist, is making him braces for his legs and hips. Ryder's "AFO's" (leg braces) will help hold his feet in the correct position...and not constantly pointed downward.
Barb showed us what these devises do in videos of other kiddos she has seen recently. They were JUST like Ryder... then w/in a year, they were walking with braces and a walker. AMAZING!
Children with Cerebral palsy tend to have low self esteems, because they are often looked at by their peers as "babies" or weird...because while other kids are walking running, here is little Ryder on the floor laying one spot...which to a kid, thats a "baby"...eventhough he's older and bigger..and even smarter haha. Our goal is to quickly get him sitting standing, so he can feel more "normal"...and like other kids his age.
We look forward to him getting braces! it's so exciting! I'm sure I'll cry my eyes out to see him walking on his own for the first time! even though it'll be w a walker!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WOW! It has been a long long time! I am so sorry to those that follow this blog! I guess no news is good news..haha.
Well Ryder is doing great. He still gets sick a lot...but no hospitals! He recently got blood work done to figure out what the heck is going on with his immune system. Shortly we will find out! Doc's orders are for Ryder to stay home pretty much always...unless we are headed out for appointments and such. Doc said NO CHURCH! he thinks thats one place that is the source of illness...and we most def agree! So Ryder and myself stay home and play games, and do preschool stuff. Ryder LOVES preschool crafts, letters, numbers...etc. He could sit at his little desk and color, and do crafts ALL day if I let him. We have a little desk that he sits at by the front window. He sits and watches the planes fly over, and cars drive by...while he is coloring...its so cute to watch. He's one smart kiddo.
Ryder now repeats we have to be careful. Ryders favorite words now are....air"pain" (airplane), Guy-tar (guitar), "I know"...he says I know with a sassy tone...its sooooo funny. He will tell you "no, no, no, no" sassy but adorable to...while wiggling his finger at you....geez he really says anything though...but those are his fav things.
Ryder is now 34 inches long, and 27 lbs...wearing 2 T, and growing into some 3T! long long kid!
Ryder had his cousin Maggie visit last week...she is like 5 months old...and learned to roll over while here. Ryder watched her constantly...and now he kind of has figured rolling out...but I think he favors his scooting on back...he feels comfortable with that. We are trying to encourage the rolling and scooting on belly....but he is one stubborn kid! Let me tell you....he is SOOOO stubborn! but then again thats whats kept him alive since day one.
His wonderful therapists get to see first hand how stubborn he can be. Today he threw a complete fit with Linda....totally workin' it! could turn the tears off and on in 2 seconds! One thing I was told early on was Special Needs kiddos TOTALLY learn to manipulate the parents...and man Ryder has us wrapped around his finger...and we cant help it. Ryder is pretty pro at it though...with his cute smile.
As for Greg and myself...we are doing great. Greg is busy at work...and loves it! He is signing up for classes this week. Probably going for business degree. Greg recently made a demo song...and I have to say it pretty much kicks butt. He is so talented with the guitar. Him and his cousin Gary are starting a band called Death Jackson...I think it is a just for laughs kinda deal...but DAng its still good music!!....haha. Him and Gary are really good musicians it'll be funstuff.
I am still the same ol' story haha...home, or at appointments with all the time! My visiting teacher asked when she could come see me...I told her well my schedule is pretty I wrote out my schedule and she was like "wow you were serious, you are busy!" But every therapy and DR appt is needed for Im cool with it. Whatever it takes to help Ryder improve!
Well thats us! sorry again it took a long time to post!