Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes I am still pregnant! (sorry Rachel!) I am 30 weeks today!!! WOOHOO!! 4 weeks past Ryder's birth gestation!

Everything still looks the same, just a little dialated...but no worries :-)

It is a total day to day thing here....we have NO clue when she'll arrive. We are just grateful she is still cookin! Once I hit 32 weeks I have no worries...so 2 more weeks!

Ryder is great he told my mother in law ...."mommy's making Ruby." Or the other night he took this random toy held it up to his belly and said..."I hear Ruby's heart!" yeah I got teary eyed. Ryder gets to hear her heart beat every saturday when my home nurse visits. He'll say I hear Ruby! when her heartbeat is checked. He has asked ruby to come and play, we so oh not yet bud!

He will love having a sister...we are excited.

Well that is us! will update soon : )

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Utah-Idaho trip.....

Greg and I have decided if all goes as planned and Ruby comes at least a little early....we are going to bless her in Utah the week of Labor Day. Greg's mom's side gets together then, and Greg's family will be there in Payson Utah for onion days.My sister lives nearby in Springville, and my parents will come up for the blessing too : ) We figured this would be great for Brett (greg's dad) cuz that is a BUSY time on the farm...so he will not have to travel far.
It will be cool to have Greg's family there for Ruby's blessing. Ryder was blessed here with my grandparents...and Ruby can be blessed there with Greg's grandparents : )

Thought the family should know, so they can plan on it : )

So below are pics from this week...Ruby, Ryder, and me!

Things are going well here for us, or as expected :) I am no longer freaking out being worried. Ruby is 3 lbs... and still cookin'! I have got the steroid shots for her lungs... her organs, brain look great. Everything with me is hmmm... ok? Or "as expected" for someone like me... my sister's have said (who work labor and delivery) "Kira you are a medical nightmare." I agree, and except that haha.

So here's the scoop without to much info... My surgery I had to help miss Ruby stay in me, well it's not being good to me now :-( The Dr that did the surgery is known for his record of this "procedure" always staying til they remove stitches at 36 weeks. Well apparently I broke his great record... cuz mine is not cooperating.

When will Ruby come??? WHO KNOWS?? it's a day to day, week to week thing I guess. So we shall see: ) but good news she's getting closer to the safe zone... 32 weeks on.

Ryder is doing great. Funny as ever. I sing Ryder to sleep every night... I sing primary songs about Jesus...and such. Well last night that changed...here's the conversation..
Ryder: "mom sing a song about poopie garbage?"
Mom: "ryder, you want me to sing a song about poopie garbage????!!??"
Ryder: "YEAH!"
mom: "GREG! COME HERE PLEASE!" (trying not to laugh)
Greg: "Yes?"
Mom: "um, Ryder wants me to make a song about poopie garbage? can you help me please?"
Greg: "wheres Ryders guitar?"....then sang "there was a garbage truck full of poopie diapers..."
(I do not remember the rest, as I was laughing to hard.)

Ryder loved it... i mean LOVED it...huge grin and all. After that he realized mom and dad could sing about ANYTHING! so the requests started coming...
"mom sing about the vent (he is obsessed with the vents), sing about the speakers, the smoke alarm, the monitor, the light, the hook on wall....etc."
Oh and "song about elmo and Ryder, song about Patrick spongebob and a rocket."

And we made up a song for all of those things. He would've gone on forever about them...but I said he needed to say goodnight to all of those things. So we sang a song about goodnight vent, speaker, monitor, hook,...etc.

Seriously this kid is brilliant. And even though at times its annoying, I am grateful.