Sunday, February 15, 2009

So this is Ryder's cool wheelchair that's being huh?!

He thinks he's so cool in his new special feeding chair.

Life has been the same here for us....busy! Sorry it's been a long time since I blogged about Ryder.

He's been keeping busy with therapy...monday's are developmental specialist day w/ Lindsay, Tuesdays is his P. Therapy w/ Linda (he cries when she leaves cuz he loves her SO much! he's been with her forever!) Wed & Thursday are his Speech and Feeding therapy with Karen, and Friday is occupational therapy with Debbie.

He's been doing well with all of them. Each therapist comes in and looks like they are playing, but they are really working him....shh! dont tell Ryder! jk. Linda is aggressively working on getting him loose in his muscle tone, and trying to teach him to roll, and scoot. He hates it! It tires him quickly, but then when she goes to leave he's so sad! It's to cute.

Ryder Goes in for his surgeries on March not to far away! eeeek! No actually we are excited for it. His Mouth needs the surgeries! and his ears are getting tubes! yay! hopefully no more ear infections! poor kid has one or 2 twice a month.

Dr Mancuso will be doing the surgeries. Ryder will be at Banner Desert. Probably just for that day, or two. He'll be miserable for that week, with a swollen mouth and achy ears. But he's a trooper.

So random story here!!!!! You know the Doctor that is responsible for all this stuff with Ryder???!!! the one that is at fault for his premature birth/ CP???? Well Over this past year I have met six people that went thru similar situations with this Doctor.....and now ANOTHER!!!!!!

Greg was at work and ran into an old roomate and his wife. When they heard about Ryder's situation, she asked, "who was your doctor?" When Greg said the Doctor's name.....the girl about jumped out of her seat....completely upset, to say the least.....because she went thru the EXACT same thing with the SAME doctor! !!!!!!! but her daughter didnt get my lawsuit I have SEVERAL patients of hers that are willing and ready to fight for Ryder. Crazy huh!!!!!??????
I just have one more thing of medical records to get, but the hospital wants $100.00 for them.....ugh! but that hundred dollars will be worth it, esp for Ryder's future.

Well thats us...Greg loves his new job at U of P. I'm well to...just the same as usual staying home with ryder so he doesnt get sick!