Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Hey all. It has been a few weeks. Life here has been busy as usual with Ryder and therapies. He is doing great. He has started scooting around everywhere....on his back. He pushes off with his legs...and away he goes! I love being in the bathroom doing my hair...and then...WHOA! there's Ryder laughing away at my feet. We are so happy that he has figured out how to move around! Now we actually have to make sure that all small things are up off the ground, and that the outlets are covered. What a kid!
So a new word...."disgusting" or as he says it.."g-is-ust-ing" haha. Oh and he enjoys prayers! he thinks when we close our eyes its funny....and he'll repeat random words in the prayer..then say "Ch-Ist- men" AKA "Christ-amen".
This kid thinks he's reading everything! Wear a shirt with words...he points and pretends to read it. The other day we were at my mom's and he was "reading" a side of a box. Billboards...street signs...he'll read. Hilarious.

Another new thing is everything to him flys and says "vrooooooooom"....even his binkie.
So health update on Ryder....
We got results from his blood work on weds....his immune system is low....the next day....he was sick already. He is pretty sick with the croop/ cold...and thrush. He's on 6 medicines at the moment. FUN FUN! Getting breathing treatments several times a day...which he hates!
So October 1st we are moving into a house. The house is about 4 houses down from my parents. We are very excited and relieved to move there! We live in a fairly small apartment and are running out of space with all of Ryder's medical stuff! So it is time to get out!
The house will be great! It's a 4 bedroom 3 bath house...with a huge backyard! and trees. We are very grateful to the wonderful lady renting it to us....she is very kind! Thanks Donetta! It's funny cuz I grew up with this woman and her children...and now I am renting thier house. Crazy.
It will be soooooo nice being closer to my mom & dad. My mom is Ryder's respite worker. She helps us out so much. We have def been thru a lot with Ryder's condition...and my parents have been there for us through it all. We are so grateful! They really are great! We do not know what we would do with out them! (side note....Greg's parents are amazing to! and we know they would do just as much if they were near!)
They were there waiting in the hospital during his birth...were there during the NICU...there thru many of our tears...and here whenever we need them! Thanks mom and dad....hope you can handle us being your neighbors!