Friday, October 31, 2008

oh Aaron.

Our first Halloween with our beautiful lil' Ryder! Since he's to small to eat sweets, we just dressed him up, and then lived up how dang adorable he is! What a good kid! We love him so much! Enjoy the pics!

Horsey, Horsey on my way.....

We've been together for many a' days....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So after the bone pics...we started snapping shots and ended up with these ADORABLE pics of our lil' tough guy....enjoy!

So I'm at my mom's house...Ryder's hangin out w/ uncle Rob...Rob comes inside laughing and tells me to come right now! So I followed...and this is what I found...Ryder eating bones (fake) in a cauldron. Only Ryder can make creepy look adorable.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

talkin' away...look at his eyes, you can see
the red marks where they taped his
eyes during surgery : (

Kickin' in his crib and still talkin'... such a good baby!

Poor confused after he came out of surgery.

drunk talkin' baby! demeral! haha.

Monday, October 6, 2008

HE DID GREAT! Ryder made it out of surgery about 3 hours ago. He did wonderful! All the kids in recovery were crying, and scared...but our lil' champ was fearless! He was out, until mommy and daddy walked in and he heard our voices, then his eyes popped open and he smiled. He was all full of smiles (as usual!) After about 20 minutes of being in mommys arms he got fussy from the pain kickin' in...then they loaded him up with demerol (sp?). After that point he was all loopy! and full of drunken smiles! Greg and I were dying laughing....then Ry started talking...with this dazed was hilarious. We still felt bad though, cuz we knew the pain would come still.
At this moment, he's hooked up to an IV, and Apnea monitor, and snoozin' away! Greg and I left him in his hospital room alone for now, so he can get his much needed rest!!
Funny thing, while Ryder was in surgery, I got a call from his pediatrician saying we need to schedule his surgery for his mouth issues. Poor guy....and he'll be back here in a month or so again for Barium swallow test, and upper GI test ( to check his swallowing, that its not putting him of danger of passing fluid to his lungs) Anyways so the nurses in admitting said, "bye Ryder see you a couple more times this year!" Greg and I laughed and said "yeah seriously!!!"
He's such a cute boy! all these nurses, and hospital workers, when they see him they freak, and say how adorable he is, esp w/ all his smiles!!!
Dr Bailey said he'll be back to normal in a few weeks....they're giving him tylenol w/ codine. We laugh about that, cuz he timed that one well! he's popping out another tooth right now, and has an ear infection, so the codine will do that good!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

man, oh is...hmmm...quite crazy at the moment! More and more news comes in about our little guy! Today he had his first speech therapy went great! We are blessed again w/ an amazing "ryder team member". His speech therapist's name is Karen...and it so talented and great! She instantly heard Ryder's little voice, and said, oh that sound means he needs a barium (sp?) swallow test! to see if fluid's going to lungs....I laughed cuz we have that test ready to go already! She did an evaluation on him....finding out that this lil' guy has 3 thingswrong w/ his mouth! nuts...this kiddo is full of things to fix...hahaha!
His paletteis high, and extremely narrow she said shes surprised he can even suck on a nipple. So she gave him props for sucking! that explains part of the weak suck...

Then, also he has extra hard tissue built up around that narrow area.....and he's kinda tongue tied....his skin that holds tongue down is shorter than it should another surgery is in his near future....But he can handle it.

Karen was so happy though to see he's managed already to figure out how to eat with all that and weak trunk this fun. Well I gotta get off the computer cuz he's getting fussy.