Monday, July 28, 2008

Idaho trip...

Talkin' away!!!!


kick, kick, kick...

kickin' wiped me out!

readin' Dorie books w/ grandma & and talkin' away!!

I love stories!!!!

one of 'Ry guys' silly faces...

Do you love my haircut or what!?

Chillin' with grandma Rosaline...

yay! my hairs gone! haha.

It was kinda tricky cuttin' his hair...but hilarious.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

greg got this shirt..ha ha.
big belly!

first time eating solids...dont like it!

The Wilstead's...
it was 110 out but we still got the pic, as sweaty as it was. thx chelice!

So Ry had occupational therapy today....she put his hands in splints....because they are being naughty still (thumb tucking)...the left hand is copying the right, so both are splinted. The splints retrain the hands to do what they should. This is all part of his brain issues...he wears them mostly while sleeping at night...also he's having issues figuring out solids, so she's going to do therapy for eating to. She is amazing!!!! AND she wants to start water therapy with him to! yay! she like his other pt and ds are VeRy talented! we are so blessed!!
Wish us luck, Sunday Ry and I leave on a long drive to Utah with grandpa will be an adventure...driving w/ a baby and grandpa....good thing gpa has hearing aids...he can pull them out for silence when Ry fusses. lucky guy. ha ha.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sorry it's been a while! We don't have the internet at our place!!! eeek! But I'll try to update this, Lil' Ryder has been sick with a cold, thanks to me : ( he's been coughing and sneezing, and fussy...poor guy! but he's getting better! yay!

Ryder got to meet all of his Wilstead side of the family! My brother Aaron, who Ryder got his middle name from, came home from his mission a week and a half ago....It was adorable to see Aaron hold him....BUT when we walked into the airport....there was my sisters and their families from WA and UT...they surprised us all!!!!

It was great....well I'll have to update the rest later, cuz Greg called...and Ryder woke up screaming....for me, I'm sure....lil' mama's boy!

Ryder is still kickin' butts, and takin' names....we love that kid!