Saturday, June 9, 2012

It has been a really long time.  We have been so busy with life this has been neglected...sorry! A few recently asked if I'd update the blog so they can hear about Ryder's progress and his life these days. So here we go...

As usual we are so blessed by Heavenly Father  to have this AMAZING kid. Words can not explain how special he is to us and many others. We have decided to look into finding a home that is more "ryder-friendly"---(wheelchair accessible, and maybe a pool for therapies) anyways we had mentioned this to a few at church and one was clearly upset saying that to see Ryder each Sunday was what made his day. You go anywhere with this kid, many will just come up and high-five him, fist-bump him, or just to say hi. To see the smile on his face is priceless...the kid is SO loved.

I am told often by complete strangers that he has this special spirit about him.. you just get a good feeling being around hm. I was talking to a mother of his friend from school and she told me that one day as her son was playing at home he looked up at his mom and randomly told her that "Ryder is really special, and Jesus really loves Ryder." A 4 year old little boy even picked up on what adults special!
Heavenly Father has blessed us with such a special little spirit. Wow we better not fail this test!!! eeeek! We too have had special experiences with our sweet little guy that I hold dear to my heart...and share with just a few. My goodness though! what a little hero he is to me. He rarely cries, rarely complains, he is just full of "I LOVE YOU's", and gives the BEST hugs ever! How blessed we are to have him!!!

One amazing thing we noticed with having a child like God WILL provide EVERYTHING as long as you stay strong and be faithful. Prayers are amazing. No matter what comes are way with anything in life these days....a way is always provided. ALWAYS! Down to a home, vehicles, work, money, new friends...everything! Since I've been working PT again in a salon I meet random people that its like WaiT!? did you just walk into my life for a reason!? (greg also gets the same thing!) Just Saturday I met a lady that her mother started with American Soccer Association--a special needs soccer team---We have been searching for a soccer team for him because his dream is to be a soccer player (or in his words "soccer kicker") We never tell him he can not, or is not able to do things...It is all up to him : )

He saw a DR last Friday that told us he has Cerebral Palsy but also through brain damage from getting sick in NICU (right after birth) and having oxygen supply cut off to brain for long period of time at just 3 lbs... he has from brain damage permanent spinal damage through the nerves in brain...he called it spinal injury/ causing partial paralysis (sp?)  on lower half of body. Interesting thing about that is is sounds awful but not so much...the partial paralysis is stopping his major symptoms of Cerebral Palsy to affect his legs. Like major issues with his high tone in legs...and other random stuff only a DR could explain! It was so much info I was overwhelmed and did not "get" some of it...just that he brought in other medical staff to see this "UNIQUE" case...and told us it is such a rare situation and that Ryder would actually make a very interesting case study for a Neurologist or some DR out there to follow. He said that he feels Ryder can walk sooner then adulthood...even around 8 if we work really hard on it. We also banked Ruby's cord blood for him hoping someday technology will allow us to use it for Ryder's brain injury....or who knows what!!! so maybe for a spinal injury???? I need to get in touch with Duke university again and ask the woman in charge of medical if that is do-able???  so one more thing to put on the list of "to do for Ryder..." That list seems to build up quickly---but hey I'm ok with that....We were given this Amazing kiddo for a this is all part of the package : )

So other stuff....hmmmm.....We were going to take MR RYDER (and baby sister Ruby) to Disneyland... (HIS DREAM!!!!) but backed out once we learned "Carsland" opens June hopefully we'll make it this Fall : ) Esp since that is all he talks about : ) We figure as much as he goes through he needs a vacation to reward him for his awesomeness!

He has such an imagination that I love sneaking up on him and just listening to him play with toys...and makes me smile...I especially love when he asks me to play with him....He loved watching the "Barrett-Jackson" car show on speed channel (his favorite channel i must to disney channel) anyways after watching to car auction on TV he decided he needed to do the same with his we lined the massive amount of  cars and we had a car auction---or really car show. It was hilarious and so much fun.

Ryder loves his toys...they all have names...he forgets some names (he has so many toys it'd be impossible to remember!!!)  but the stuffed goodness he remembers them's adorable...he loves those stuffed animals...   he wants a real monkey someday...and real dog, a real elephant, a real turtle (which he got recently by accident)... He just has love in his heart for pretty much anything on earth... what a sweet guy.

I can not think of all the updating!!! ended yesterday...he was very upset school was out....I tried explaining summer break to him but oh man he was sad that he has to wait 3 months for school again! this my child??? jk.

We are well. Greg is in school full-time getting his degree in business?? maybe accounting now?? he's possibly changing that soon. He also is still working as a finance counselor at University of Phoenix. Also doing guitar work and motorcycle work on the side. AND working with scouts at church. oh and he has been working out a lot lately to 1- be healthy, 2 -to prepare to lift our lil' man Ryder as he grows! ALSO plays in a few bands....that is definitely his vent! I think the music helps him get through our crazy life : ) I love that he is so musical and that our children are able to learn from him : ) I love seeing the kids on his lap or on the floor playing the drums, guitar, and even the piano. It's a priceless moment. He is an amazing husband, father, and friend. I constantly meet people that know him from work, growing up, or where ever! that say he is so awesome you are lucky to be married to a guy like him...I say yes yes I am. :) I love him ----all in all Greg is BUSY!!!!

Myself- Kiralee----busy with kiddos---but I love it! I work PT doing hair just 3 days a week...and I LOVE to work (my vent/out) but just today while working I thought "dang I just want to go home and hold my babies!!" I love both places but nothing beats holding my kids and being one happy family! I also am working in the Young Womens presidency at church...that keeps me busy too! but I love doing it. When I was in Highschool I had a lot of deaths I faced during that time and going to church- young womens really helped me. The leaders were there for me...the girls were there for me...and I have never forgotten that. So to serve with the youth I am happy to give back makes me feel good inside : )

Now lil' sassy Miss Ruby...she's adorable---just like her brother...but add a lot of sass. She is all girl. I tried to put some tom-bot into her but Dang didnt work! She loves shoes, getting nails done, wearing mamas highheels, she loves doing her hair, loves jewelry, LOVES dancing and singing, and loves to be Ryders 2nd mom...she tries to help change him, brush his teeth (gags the poor kid! I have to run and grab the toothbrush!) she tries to feed him, give him drinks, she tries to put him into a chair or pull him out of one!! gets him toys when he asks her for them....or when she just thinks he wants one...she loves kissing his cheek, hugging him...and just laughing with him...he laughs so hard every time with all of this...and gives a look and often says while laughing "Ruby what the heck are ya doing!??" than they giggle together. She is such a sweet little thing...and we all love her so much! Oh and she talks a ton...each day I'm like wait when did you start saying that 5 or 6 word phrase!!???