Monday, May 23, 2011

after surgery...

Before...(above and 2 pics below)

and after surgery...with a sweet smile.

What a beautiful miracle. Ryder's surgery went so well. The surgeon came in our pre-op room and said, "you know, I was thinking about Ryder last night...and this surgery, I just don't feel right doing the whole surgery." He went on about how he feels that Ryder is to young for the major surgery (screws and metal plates in hips to redirect the growth direction of hip) He said again I just kept thinking about it last night, and I feel we should just do the adductors (cut part of his tendons in hip area).
He decided that they would put Ryder under, do some x-rays, and make the final decision of what surgery to do. Dr Segal decided after the X-ray that he would try the simple cutting of the adductors. He made a small incision on inner leg, and cut a pretty good amount of the adductors. Immediately Ryder's hips went right into place....meaning they could avoid the big nasty painful surgery for now! woo-hoo!!!
We have to do special stretches in order to keep his hips this way...but throughout the next few years they will grow out of place again because of his stiffness from cerebral palsy....but at that time his body will be stronger and able to handle such a HUGE surgery.
What a beautiful blessing that the Dr went with those feelings he had and switched up the surgery plan....We know this all happened because of all the fasting, prayers and much faith.
So instead of a 4 hour surgery, it was a 30 minute surgery...and instead of staying in the hospital a week....Ryder is home and healing!!! He will be in a ton pain for a few days. He has to wear a huge triangular brace on his bottom half of body for 2 weeks (he cant move).....but much better then all summer long wearing that thing!!!!!!
About 7:30 tonight he was fussy with pain so we had to drug him up. We will be giving him heavy pain meds for at least a few days....because as you can imagine getting your tendons cut in the hip area is VERY painful. Greg and I quickly learned tonight that it take 2 just to change his diaper and try to keep minimal pain from moving his sad : (
Ryder goes into the Dr for post-op appt in a few weeks to get the stitches cut out, and to make sure he is healing right.
We are just so grateful for Heavenly Father blessing us with such a beautiful miracle. The power of prayer definitely works : ) Truly a miracle.

Thank you for all your prayers!!!


Shesten said...

So glad the dr. listened to the Spirit. Glad Ryder is home with you guys. Still though - let me know if you need anything! ♥

Turcotte said...

What an answer to prayers!!!! I am so happy for you and of course for Ryder. Yeah!