Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ryder got bumped up on the surgery. May 23 he is having double hip surgery. He is excited that Dr Segal is fixing the pain in his legs. We are happy that he is getting the surgery to fix some issues...but also so nervous!!! This is the first real big surgery for him...and we always hate when he has to be put under. We're trying to focus on the positive though! :) we will try to keep the blog updated as much as possible!
Also no visitors for Ryder while in the hospital. In order for him to get out quicker and heal quicker it is best for no visitors. Ryder does love surprises, balloons, cards, pictures...etc. So if you feel the need, send them our way and he'll get them! He'd love them!!! You should see his face when he gets mail with his name on it!!!
Thanks for everything! Please continue to keep our sweet little guy in your prayers : )


The Gundies said...

So glad to hear the surgery got bumped up...I was really feeling for Ryder and you guys. Prayers and love and stuff.