Monday, April 25, 2011

So got word today that Ryder's surgery is all the way in August!!! (Ruby's first birthday, 8/8/11) Why so far away you are probably thinking??? Because the DR's summer is BOOKED! He only does surgery once a week. Ryder's surgery takes approx 4 hours, so it is difficult to squeeze him into that already booked schedule. I am in the process of contacting DR to let him know that Ryder is in so much pain from his hips. Ryder daily will cry or complain that his "legs" hurt....his legs "scissor" or cross over almost constantly now..he hates standing...the weight on hips hurt him. It's getting worse daily, so I HATE to see him wait all the way until August for the surgery. We will see what happens! I am bugging them though : )
We will keep you all posted..if the date changes (HOPEFULLY!) I will post!


Marilee said...

I sure hope they can get Ryder in very soon!